Digital Ad Operations & Campaign Management

Digital Ad Operations & Campaign Management

For over 10+ years, our partner DCT managed 50,000+ Ad campaigns globally and served 3 billion+ impressions. They use best in class products and practices to manage, optimize and deliver your campaigns allowing you to focus on your core business.

Campaign Management:

• Inventory management – Premium inventory is recognized & every impression is accounted for. Saves 30% of CM & sales time.

• Campaign Management – Set-up campaigns, Monitor, QA and optimize to realize 100% revenue

• Campaign Monitoring & Optimization – Real-time monitoring through OSI dashboard to ensure 100% delivery

• Reporting Suite – Campaign Reports (25%, 50%, 75%, EOC), advertiser reports, inventory and website reports, campaign performance report (OSI)

Professional Services:

• Rich Media Development – Create interactive ads as per IAB standards

• Ad Server Setup / Migration – Set up / Migrated 100+ websites through various ad platforms

• Viewability – Our best practices have increased publisher viewability rates upwards of 30% to improve revenues

• Data Management Platform Services (DMP) – Setup and manage CDPs/DMPs to create right audience composition (age, interests, gender, purchase intentions, demography), build custom segments and push to activation.

• Brand Safety & Ad Verification – Identify and diagnose issues like – Impression laundering, Bot Trafficking, Fraudulent activities, Malware and Adware, Hijacking Ads

• Reporting & Analytics – Build actionable and interactive dashboards using business intelligence tools and save upwards of 50% of Sales Rep & Campaign Managers’ time

Programmatic Services:

• Inventory management – Create verticals, 1st, and 3rd-party audience segments, viewable inventory package, inventory bifurcation. CPM Floors, block lists & test configurations.

• Campaign Management –

• PMP (Private Market Place) – Setting up Preferred Deals, Private Auctions & Tags based PMP. Optimization – Balancing private deal pricing vs auction bid pressure, Monitoring drop off rates on active deals and optimizing accordingly.

• Programmatic Guaranteed – Deal Creation (CPD deals), Optimization. Frequency control and capture incremental revenue by leveraging data. Gain operational efficiency with fully automated workflow & reduce financial operations

• Open Auction – Create pricing rules & set floor prices. Determine optimal CPM floors for unsold inventory through impression, bid analysis and apply optimization techniques to maximize revenue

• Header bidding – Implement header wrapper tags – Prebid.js. Manage header latency. Ensure advertisers get access to premium inventory and publishers to take the highest bids from all their demand partners.

• Bad Ads Management – Tracking down sources, turning of bad ads, Block at source, reproduce ads and use Web Debuggers to diagnose.

• Reporting Suite – Bids Report, Buyer Report, Open Auction Advertiser report, Deal Dashboard, Moat Viewability report, Revenue report, Discrepancy report.

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