Adnuntius delivers a new advertising platform

Adnuntius delivers a new advertising platform offering light speed and real time advertising, more flexibility in building differentiating ad products, and increasing cross-channel revenue. Adnuntius delivers its platform to publishers who want to offer outstanding advertising products to their clients, and to technology companies who want to build their offering on our super fast, scalable and robust backend.

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Affinity - user engagement products (branding and performance) for digital media

Affinity is an ad tech company which creates user engagement products (branding and performance) for digital media. These products are targeted to both segments of digital media - advertisers and publishers. Established in 2014, with 140 employees, Affinity has invested in 5 fast-growing business units:

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Appliscale - professional backend programming and cloud computing

Appliscale offers professional technical input along with considerable experience in developing digital advertising solutions. Their team are full-service technology consultants with the experience to deliver on a client’s product vision.

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Clipflip - Interactive Video for engagement marketing

Clipflip allows to deliver advertisement to the audience and interact with it how, where and when they want, in order to be appreciated and give an added value to the brands.

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Digital Ad Operations & Campaign Management

For over 10+ years, our partner DCT managed 50,000+ Ad campaigns globally and served 3 billion+ impressions. They use best in class products and practices to manage, optimize and deliver your campaigns allowing you to focus on your core business.

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D’Café - A Unified Video Solution

D’Café - A Unified Video Solution Content Delivery & Monetization for OTT Live Events and On Demand Video can be a complex environment with its own set of unique hurdles. The OTT space is converging with the world of core telecom services and exhibiting exponential growth. Despite these opportunities, several challenges remain. Some of the common challenges that content owners face include:

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Increase Your Audience Reach And Engagement With Viewer-Contributed Videos

Today, everyone wants more video. Video is the most effective communication medium: viewers retain 95% of a message when watched in video, compared to 10% when reading in text (Invisia). Todays’ broadcasters and TV stations all know that viewer-contributed videos, preferred by 78% of millenials over professional content (Social Media Week), deliver positive bottom line impact by: Driving higher engagement Broadening awareness Increasing viewer loyalty

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