Adnuntius delivers a new advertising platform

Adnuntius delivers a new advertising platform offering light speed and real time advertising, more flexibility in building differentiating ad products, and increasing cross-channel revenue. Adnuntius delivers its platform to publishers who want to offer outstanding advertising products to their clients, and to technology companies who want to build their offering on our super fast, scalable and robust backend.

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Appliscale - professional backend programming and cloud computing

Appliscale offers professional technical input along with considerable experience in developing digital advertising solutions. Their team are full-service technology consultants with the experience to deliver on a client’s product vision.

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Digital Ad Operations & Campaign Management

For over 10+ years, our partner DCT managed 50,000+ Ad campaigns globally and served 3 billion+ impressions. They use best in class products and practices to manage, optimize and deliver your campaigns allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Live, now simplified. The right way to do live OTT

Live, now simplified. The right way to do live OTT Streaming live events at scale is challenging. Traffic spikes can lead to outages. Storms can cancel events last minute. Any mistake can equate to a blank screen or leaked footage. Basically, you get one shot to do live right.

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Retube - Interactive Video

Retube allows to deliver advertisement to the audience and interact with it how, where and when they want, in order to be appreciated and give an added value to the brands. 40% more engagement, 60% increase in click-through rate, 7% more sales and a 15% increase in the product insight are just a few stats which are speaking for themselves.

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