World's most dynamic OTT authoring platform

dcafé is the most dynamic OTT Authoring Platform (OAP) built on a highly scalable and cost effective serverless architecture for video and audio streaming, live events and virtual linear channels.

dcafé supports the workflow and management of 12+ front end apps (Android, iOS, Web, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles). We have built a user-friendly Analytics dashboard that is unique to every customer and it combines data from the Verizon platform, player analytics, google analytics, firebase and more.

dcafé allows building customized business models with Subscription, Advertising, Transactional and Freemium, these can also be changed or combined on the fly to adjust to market conditions or special events.


dcafé Live Now – an add on feature to go live from any device. You can now stream live events, provide end user capability to go live, stream meetings, have artist jam and overall as brand owners you can control and monetize these streams per your business need



The entire product and service delivery of the dcafé family is built and designed to ensure low barrier to entry for customers wanting to get on the OTT bandwagon, and simplify video delivery for existing players agnostic to size.


For more information please contact: Michael Sturm